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Visit Señor Stereo First for Car Rear View Cameras, Exterior Car Accessories, Automotive Lighting, and Other Car Accessories in Miami

Señor Stereo has all of the car accessories you are looking for. Browse through our extensive selection of unique interior and exterior car accessories for the items that will take your vehicle's look to the next level. Allow the expert at Señor Stereo to install your auto styling accessories and you won't be able to tell where the factory standard items end and your after market bling begins.

Automotive Lighting Adds a Spark to Your Car's Style

For decades auto enthusiasts have turned to neon lights to enhance the look and style of their cars. With so many colors available and countless configurations to go with you literally have an infinite numbers of setups available. Señor Stereo offers LED lighting packages as well as a-la-carte items to help you customize your look. A wide range of colors can create any mood and style you have in mind.

Our LED neon light offerings are durable and made for performance. Interior neon bulbs are individually encased in polycarbonate resin made to stand up to high impacts. Each bulb has its own built in transformer so if one goes out (and it will be a long, long time before they do), it won't affect the rest of your lighting system.

For your exterior Señor Stereo carries a selection of super bright Xenon HID lights. They are three times brighter than halogen bulbs and the top choice for exterior lighting accessories. Meanwhile, LED Underglow lights provide a stunning, attention grabbing effect. Today's LED Underglow lights offer millions of color possibilities, all from the same bulb. Control your lighting system with a wireless remote control. Cycle through different lighting and pattern combinations or settle on the one that best expresses your mood on a particular night. With all of the possibilities, your car will look like no other.

Car Rear View Cameras Provide a Clear View of the World Behind You

Car rear view cameras are a great safety feature as well as offering comfort and convenience. The license plate mounted camera activates automatically when you put the car in reverse, giving you a clear picture of what is behind you, even what you cannot see in your mirrors. Backing up is safer and parking maneuvering is easier. The camera can be connected to your existing video monitor or you can have a dedicated screen installed. We have many monitor options, including rear view mirror models.