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Señor Stereo Carries Only the Best Car Amplifier Brands

With a new amplifier from Señor Stereo you will truly get all the power and clarity your music deserves. A good external amplifier brings out the forceful bass and low frequencies that internal car stereo amplifiers cannot hope to deliver. In fact, external, dedicated amplifiers are the only way to get the best sound from your car stereo system. At Señor Stereo we will match your car receiver and speakers with the amplifier configuration that will get you the best possible performance. For car amplifiers in Miami make Señor Stereo your first stop.

How Many Channels Do You Need?

Depending on your needs and car stereo setup, you may need one, two or more channels from your amplifier. Go with Señor Stereo where our expert installers will make sure you get all of the power your system needs, configured for the highest efficiency. Whether it is a one channel amplifier dedicated to your subwoofer, or a multi channel beast with variable outputs, trust Señor Stereo to do it right. Come to us and you'll know that every time you press the stereo's power button, you can expect crystal clear, powerful sound.

One channel amplifiers, or mono amps, are ideal for subwoofers because the low frequency output actually acts as a mono signal in your vehicle. They are a good option if you are happy with the overall sound of your system but need to boost the low end. Everything else stays the same while the subwoofer gets the power it requires.

Two channel amplifiers, also called a dual or stereo amplifiers, are meant to power two channels (usually the right and left stereo channels from the receiver). However, other configurations are possible, like 2-two channel amplifiers, each powering the left and right stereo speakers independently. Installed with active crossovers, this setup provides maximum stereo separation.

Multi-channel amplifiers have anywhere from three to six channels. Just one multi-channel amplifier can effectively power an entire car stereo system. A multi-channel amplifier with variable power outputs provides the most control. It will feed the most power to the channels that need it, like the subwoofer, while regulating power to your other speakers.

  • One Channel - best choice for a subwoofer
  • Two Channel - can be stacked depending on your speaker setup
  • Multi Channel - provides the most versatility

Señor Stereo is dedicated to selling and installing the best car amplifiers in Miami. Shop with us to find all of the leading car amplifier brands. Trust in us to provide a great installation that will get the most out of your car stereo system.