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Automotive Window Tinting

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Señor Stereo Offers Computer Cut Car Tinting in Miami

Auto window tinting provides many benefits, from improving the car's image and protecting its interior, to reducing drivers' and passengers' exposure to harmful UV rays, increasing visibility and cooling the cabin in the summer. Come to Señor Stereo for flawlessly installed computer cut window tints. Computer cut tints are perfectly sized to your vehicles windows, allowing for a perfect installation every time without the risk of damage from cutting the film on the vehicle.

Señor Stereo has tint films available in a number of darkness levels and colors. Choose an attractive light smoky tint that reduces glare or go with a super dark film that darkens your vehicle's interior, even in daylight, and virtually blocks visibility into the car. Consult beforehand with one of our expert installers to determine the best choice for your needs. Either way you will be increasing the value of your vehicle while protecting it from damage caused by the extreme heat and sunshine in South Florida. Car tinting in Miami lengthens the life of your car's dashboard and seats as well as the air conditioner which will have an easier time cooling your car. In addition, window tints provide a safety feature. In the event that your car window cracks or shatters, the tint film will hold the glass shards in place, reducing the possibility of injury.

At Señor Stereo we offer Solar Gard and 3M tints. Both companies have been making window tint films for years and between them offer a large variety of products in a selection of colors like red, blue green, yellow as well as bronze, chrome and smoke. And at Señor Stereo your tints will always be computer cut from a database that includes precise window shapes for virtually all cars in existence. This ensures a perfect fit with every installation. Señor Stereo's installers can also remove your old or damaged tints.

  1. Preserves the interior
  2. Reduces glare and hot spots
  3. Improves comfort
  4. Balances climate
  5. Reduces energy use
  6. Increases privacy