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CD/DVD Receivers


Pioneer CD radios from $65.00


Flip down DVD entertainment from $299 installed. 10" screen.

Señor Stereo Offers the Most Options for Car CD Players in Miami

Aftermarket CD and DVD receivers for vehicles have many features that your standard factory stereo lacks. There are many models, brands and options to choose from like satellite and HD radio, navigation receivers, and multimedia upgrades from top manufacturers like Pioneer and Kicker. Features such as built in amplifiers, touch screen controls, smartphone integration and more are available from our wide selection. Señor Stereo employs the most knowledgable and skilled installers to ensure that your new receiver is perfectly integrated to your existing system.

Some common features you can enjoy from aftermarket CD receivers are not usually found in factory installed units. Enhanced analog tuners boost strong stations while reducing interference from weak or far away signals. Radio Data Service (RDS), which provides textual station info, and multiple station presets are standard in most models. Smartphone integration allows you to play your music and other media, and even navigation apps, directly through your car stereo. Connections can be through USB, headphone jack or Bluetooth. Receivers with Terminal Mode allow for direct smartphone control on the receiver's touch screen. You can browse playlists and even album art info. We also have receivers that can play a multitude of audio formats including MP3, iTunes song files (AAC), Windows Media files and even files from USB drives or SD memory cards.

DVD Receivers
In Miami, Señor Stereo is the first place to visit for DVD receivers. Play videos and movies on your touch screen receivers and on optional monitors that can be installed throughout the vehicle's interior. Select receivers have Dolby Digital and DTS audio. That means actual 5.1 Surround Sound in your car. Señor Stereo has the best selection of DVD receivers in Miami.

GPS Navigation Receivers
CD receivers with built-in navigation give you large touch screen displays with high-resolution maps and turn-by-turn voice directions along with great sound and other convenient features. In dash navigation units are the best solution for vehicles.

Satellite Radio and HD Radio Receivers
Satellite Radio provides over 135 different stations that include all kinds of music, news and talk choices. Señor Stereo has many XM and SIRIUS models available. HD radio is a digital broadcast of AM/FM radio stations. HD radio features enhanced audio quality as well as sub stations that broadcast alternate programs from the primary stations.

In addition to everything listed above, Señor Stereo can install a receiver with rear view camera inputs, built-in equalizers, built-in amplifiers, removal front panels and even connect your new receiver to existing steering wheel controls. Visit us to today for your new car CD player in Miami.