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Factory Integration

Get All of Your Components Working Together With Factory Integration

Sometimes you want your new device to integrate into your existing factory installed or after market system. Wether it is a portable GPS navigation device, adding video capabilities and monitors, or playing music off of your MP3 player or smartphone, integration is rarely a straightforward matter. Trust the expert installers at Señor Stereo to fit your vehicle with the wires, interfaces, adapters and other accessories that will seamlessly integrate all of your electronic components.

Car stereo adapters are available for all major smartphone and MP3 player brands. Wired car stereo adapters provide a direct connection between your smartphone and audio receiver. The connection provides the best sound delivery you can achieve from factory integration of your smartphone as well as complete music and call controls with receivers that support the feature. In addition, your smartphone's battery charges while it is connected.

Navigation factory integration connects your portable or stand-alone GPS navigation device to your car audio and video system. View maps on your existing video monitor and receive turn by turn directions through your car speakers. Access navigation controls through receivers with touch screen controls and voice command functions. Seamless integration of after-market video entertainment systems with you factory installed audio system is one of our specialties at Señor Stereo. We will install an in-dash DVD player, your choice of video monitors and connect it all to your stereo system. Enjoy high-fidelity sound with your favorite movies and television shows in your car.

Go Hands-Free with Bluetooth Factory Integration

Get in your car, turn on the engine, your smartphone instantly connects to your sound system. Simply speak and your playlist starts. Control your music and volume through spoken word commands. Say the name of one of your contacts and your phone dials their number. Then the system adjusts the volume and feeds the call through your car speakers. The entire time your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes stay on the road. Top Bluetooth hands-free car kits provide the most intuitive and user friendly experience for your existing car audio system. No other factory integration solution is safer and easier to use.

With Señor Stereo you can count on a perfect Bluetooth factory integration of your smartphone and other bluetooth devices. The experts at Señor Stereo are ready to help you get all the parts of your system working together. Don't trust these tricky installations to anyone else. Señor Stereo has the professional installers that can handle any factory integration.