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Residential Window Tinting in Miami Provides Protection, Privacy and Class

Residential window tinting in Miami has many benefits: reduced heat and energy efficiency, reduced glare, protection from the harmful properties of sunlight, privacy and elegance. Home window tinting is maintenance-free and resistant to fingerprints. Window tints can also provide a home with a relaxing atmosphere by more evenly distributing sunlight and reducing harsh glare. Señor Stereo offers professionally installed Solar Gard and 3M brand residential window tinting in a variety of darkness and color choices.

Window tint film can be applied to interior glass or to the inside of exterior windows and skylights. It creates a beautiful, tasteful look inside and outside the home. Señor Stereo's expert installer will visit your home for a consultation and help you decide on the best tints for each part of your home. We are also happy to work alongside your architect, designer or contractor if you are making other changes to your home. From light films that produce a smoky effect to the darkest window tints which provide increased privacy, you will be impressed by the enhanced appearance that can be achieved.

Their sun and heat controlling aspect is, for most, the primary reason to consider residential window tinting in Miami. The reduction in air conditioning expenses is substantial. Window tints can keep your home cool all summer by reflecting as much as 80% of heat away from your home. This can translate in up to a 40% decrease in air conditioner usage and lower energy bills. In addition, window tints have a UV rating as high as 99% meaning it keeps out virtually all of the sun's most harmful rays.

Señor Stereo is the First Choice for Commercial Window Tinting in Miami

Consider stylish window tinting to add refinement to your place of business while reducing energy costs and protecting your furnishings and products. Señor Stereo uses the very best window tint films from industry leaders Solar Gard and 3M. These high-end films come in a range of colors and tint levels from light tints that comfortably disperse sunlight and reduce glare to darker films that block visibility from outside while providing pleasant shade indoors. Expect your energy bill to drop as your air conditioning works less to keep your space cool. And if your are thinking, "How much is window tinting?" you will be surprised at how affordable it can be. Set an appointment with our window tint expert today to get the best price and service for commercial window tinting in Miami.

Boat Window Tints in Miami are Essential to Protect Your Watercraft's Interior

Increasingly, manufacturers are including high end interiors in their boats. Factory tints are no match for the harmful effects of the South Florida sun. Computer cut Solar Gard and 3M tints are the best choice to protect your investment, and increase comfort, vision and safety. Visit Señor Stereo and talk to one of our tint specialist for advice on the best choice for your boat window tints in Miami.

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