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Pioneer Speakers from $49.95

For Premium Sound You Want the Best Car Speakers in Miami.

A great set of speakers is the only way to get your music to sound exactly as it was intended to. The human ear can hear sounds in roughly the 20Hz to 20KHz range. That includes all the pitches we can hear from the lowest bass to the highest tweet. Some music approaches the extremes of that range and you want speakers that can reach those extremes as well so that you don't miss a single note. A proper speaker set up, which includes mid range speakers, tweeters and one or more subwoofers, is the best way to guarantee that you have the full audio range covered. Furthermore, factory installed stereo systems sometimes have their high, mid and low frequencies out of balance because of poor speaker configuration and placement.

Get the Right Speaker Combination for Your Stereo System

Adding more speakers is not always the way to go. The goal is to find the right combination to achieve the complete frequency range of your music. Subwoofers provide the lowest frequencies, or the bass of your music. There are many subwoofer options available and a whole page on our website dedicated to them.

Midrange speakers produce the wide middle spectrum of sound, from about 100Hz to 3KHz. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, mounting depths and configurations. This makes it easy to replace existing factory installed speakers and get a perfect fit every time. Some of the best speakers in Miami are made from materials like carbon fiber, polypropylene, and Kevlar. You will find these options and more at Señor Stereo.

Tweeters are made with a dome shaped diaphragm instead of the cones found in most speakers. They produce sound at the highest frequencies, from 3KHz to 20KHz. Tweeters are what add crispness and clarity to music. They are generally the smallest speakers in size and can therefore be easily installed alongside other speakers or virtually anywhere in the car's interior. Tweeters domes are made out of different materials like aluminum and silk, each of which lends a different color to the high frequency sounds.

Coaxial speakers come in 2-way and 3-way combinations. These are a great first upgrade from factory installed speakers as they include a midrange and tweeter on the same speaker. By replacing your 6"x9" speakers, or whatever factory installed size you have, you add the high range that tweeters produce to your music without the need to install separate tweeters elsewhere in the vehicle. They produce richer sound than midrange speakers alone and can be easily combined with a subwoofer for added bass.

Car Stereo Enthusiasts Come to Señor Stereo for Custom Speaker Boxes in Miami

Señor Stereo has all the materials and accessories needed to make custom boxes and enclosures for your speakers. Whether you want to enclose a single subwoofer or an entire array of speakers, Señor Stereo can produce a unique, custom box to your specifications. There is no one else to turn to for expertly built custom speaker boxes in Miami.