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Subwoofers & Custom Boxes

Señor Stereo Has Sold and Installed Subwoofers in Miami for More than 20 Years

Any audio system can benefit from the addition of a subwoofer, and Señor Stereo is the only place you will want to visit for subwoofers in Miami and custom subwoofer boxes in Miami. We have a great selection of subwoofers from leading brands like Pioneer and Kicker. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes ready to install in any car, truck or van. At Señor Stereo we also produce the very best custom subwoofer boxes in Miami. Custom subwoofer boxes are great for large, heavy hitting subwoofer drivers as well as for specialized installations.

Choose From the Largest Selection of Subwoofers in Miami

Señor Stereo gives you access to many subwoofer choices and our expert installers will consult with you about the best upgrade for your vehicle's sound system. Powered subwoofers are matched with an appropriate amplifier and pre enclosed at the factory. This takes the guesswork out of your upgrade and guarantees great performance from your new subwoofer.

For those that want to go with a more unique custom setup, component subwoofers give you that control. Pick the subwoofer driver you want and let us help with installation and amplifier options. Señor Stereo also carries shallow depth subwoofers. These are great when you have space restrictions. Shallow depth subwoofers are designed to produce the same great bass with significantly less of a space requirement. We can build a slim custom enclosure or even install under your seats. Whichever path you choose, Señor Stereo will make sure it is seamlessly installed in to your existing setup and ready to pump out the clean and powerful bass you are looking for.

Custom Subwoofer Boxes, a Miami Tradition

Since we opened in 1988, car audio enthusiast have come to Señor Stereo for great custom subwoofer boxes. Our workshop has all the materials, components and accessories needed to make the perfect subwoofer enclosure for your car. Count on Señor Stereo's professional installers to pair your subwoofers with the right amplifier for the best sound possible. And our installations are second to none.

A good subwoofer box is designed to use the air trapped in the enclosure as a sort of "air spring" to effectively create powerful bass. A good subwoofer box will also separate the air movement occurring inside and outside of the box. This will prevent any noise cancellation that might happen otherwise. The proper movement of air is not meant to produce a loud sound, but rather a low sound that you can feel as well as hear.

Visit Señor Stereo when you are ready to upgrade your vehicle's stereo system with a bass pounding subwoofer. You can count on a beautiful and dependable installation of your new components, and great sound every time.