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Enjoy State of the Art Car Video Systems in Miami and Wherever the Road Takes You

At Señor Stereo you can get the most intense automobile media experience available. With our wide range of available products, and the expert advice of our pro technicians and installers, we can guarantee that you will be matched with the best car video system in Miami that your money can buy. We stock car video products from popular and dependable brands like Pioneer and Sony and all the accessories you need to really make your system shine. Hook it all up to state of the art audio components for the full experience. Pretty soon you will want to spend more time in your vehicle than in your living room.

Whether you need a single screen and a DVD player to entertain the kids or an advanced multi-media, multi-screen system that provide serious eye and ear candy, Señor Stereo has everything you need to put together the perfect car video system in Miami. We have stereo head units, video monitors of all sorts - including overhead, headrest, rear view mirror and sun visor mounted screens - in dash DVD receivers and entertainment systems capable of streaming media from your smartphone or tablet. We have all become accustomed to high definition video and high fidelity sound at home and on the go. There's no reason not to enjoy the same experience in your vehicle.

And don't forget your home away from home. Señor Stereo can outfit your Recreational Vehicle with a full-fledged home theater. Universal vehicle video screens come in a variety of sizes and can be custom mounted just about anywhere you want. Add surround sound and a subwoofer and you'll never have to compromise on your entertainment while on the road.

DVD systems, installed from $250.00